Doesn’t a fraternity refer to an organization for men only?

Although many are more familiar with fraternities and sororities with exclusive membership, we offer membership to both men and women. We do, however, refer to all members as “brothers”.

What is pledging?

Pledging is a process by which you associate with the fraternity for a period before becoming a full member. You will undergo fraternal instruction to ready you for the final transition.

What does it mean to be a “Professional” fraternity?

A Professional Fraternity chooses its members based on common professional, educational and career goals and interests.

Who can pledge AXS and what are the requirements?

Any student can pledge at any time including graduate students and faculty members. In order to be eligible for membership you have to complete two years of chemistry courses in the course of your degree, but do not have to have them completed at the time of pledging. This requirement is fulfilled by most science and engineering field as well as some others.

How much time will I have to put into pledging?

As a pledge, you will have mandatory meetings once a week with the Vice Master Alchemist. There will also be recommended science outreach and social activities during the pledging period as well. At most you will be required 1-2 hours a week.

What will I do as a pledge?

You will be assigned a pledge parent and become part of an extensive family tree. This person will act as a mentor and guide throughout your journey as a pledge. You will learn some of the history of the fraternity and our chapter along the way.

Will I be hazed?

Absolutely not. Alpha Chi Sigma has a very strict “no hazing” policy and we will not subject you to any physical or mental harm.

Is this the only chapter of AXS?

The Beta Psi chapter is only one of close to 60 active collegiate chapters, colonies, and precolonies as well as 18 active professional chapters and groups spread all across the nation!

What happens when I graduate?

Membership is for life. You can transition to the professional branch upon graduation from a collegiate chapter.